June 19, 2008


Chanting or Japam has its origins in the Vedas. The meaning of the word Japam is to understand the meaning of a mantra and repeat it. The continous repetition of a mantra with the consciousness of the pregnant meaning in the words calms the inner senses and gives pure bliss. 


The word Mantra is derived from Man +Tra which means achieving the ultimate in this material world. The phonetics in a mantra can give suggestions to the mind. It will give benefits to both who chants and the one who hears the Mantra.

Three modes of Japam

Japams can be done aloud, softly or within the mind. The Japam that is done within the mind is said to be the most effective.  

It is easier said than done to meditate within the mind, when a person is just starting to do Japams. The mind wanders so much that it is difficult to concentrate on the object of one’s meditation. A beginner should try to say aloud the Mantram, then slowly move towards soft intonations and then finally towards the mental meditation. Japam is a means of getting in touch with one’s own self.

The rhythm and the meaning in the Japam combine to increase ones concerntration.  


The benefits of Japam are immense. Apart from the spiritual benefits, Japams render healing, peace, Calmness, reduction in depression, improvements in the ability to concentrate, heightened self-development, elimination of negative traits. In short Japam addresses all the spheres of life – spiritual, mental & physical.  


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